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Cleric Qaradawi Crisis; Qatar King is the Model Khalifa of Model Islamic State

Does Taliban Muslim Cleric, Yoosuf Qaradawi a Jocker...? see Recent silly fatwas from his 'Fatwa Factory'

01. Kill Gaddafi of Libiya, You will be in paeadise...(in 1st floor)
02. Kill Mubarak of Egypt, You will be in Paradise... (in 2nd floor)
03. Kill Assad of Syreya, You will be in Paradise...(in 3rd floor)
but .....!
Please dont Kill, Kufr leaders like Saudi King & my boss Qater King, as I am being Privileged by thousands & thousands millions, 7 stars hotels..Fully A/C family Qatar etc

.there are so many stories of Cleic Qardawies to comeout...

1/Sheikha Mozah & Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa al-Thani

கத்தார் மன்னர்:மாண்பு மிகு ஷேக் அஹ்மத்...
கத்தார் ராணி:ஷேக் மூசா...


Comparison between Taliban Muslim Cleric Yoosuf Qaradawi' (Plus*) and Sri Lankan Great Imam (..?) & Great Leader(...?), Alavi Moulana (& Alavi Moulana's Islam).. 

01.   ‘The same Wine in a different Bottle’. Says; M. R. Mohamed 

02.   M. R. Mohamed says; Cleric Yoosuf Qaradawi is Middle East Alavi Moulana and Cleric Qaradawi’s Islam in Middle East is equal to ‘Alavi Moulana’s Islam’ in Sri Lanka. I did not see any big differences between these two servants of Kufr leaders.

03.   Taliban Muslim Cleric Yoosuf Qaradawi (Plus*) bows to his master - Qatar Kufr Leader (in Picture 2) and Br. Alavi Moulana bows to his Master -  Kufr Leader of  Sri Lanka (in Picture 3), What is the main difference between these two people's work,   But we...

04.   Taliban Cleric Qardawi (Plus*) manipulates the Middle East Muslim community from the correct way of Islamic revival. Similarly Br. Alavi Moulana does the same thing in Sri Lanka for Sri Lankan Muslims. (Manipulating; Muslim community, Muslim Politician and Sri Lankan all Sinhalese Political leaders)

05.   Br. Alavi Moulana has good popularity and good positions in the Kufr systems of Sri Lanka as he promotes ‘silly thoughts, works & leadership’ in Sri Lankan political system. Similarly, Cleric Yoosuf Qaradawi too has good position, good popularity among the Kufr Muslim leaders, in Qatter, Saudi backed Salafi leaders and weak innocent Muslim community of Middle East.

4/Some of  Our observations about Muslim Cleric MAM Mansoor (Plus*); 

01.   Br. Mansoor doesn’t  know anything beyond Hassanal Banna, Seyed Qutb, Moudoodi, & Cleric Yoosuf Qaradawi…that’s all his formula, but ‘Pure Islam’ is beyond these people.

02.   Further  Br. Mansoor promotes (some) Silly thoughts under the name of ‘Modern Islamic Thinkers..’!…infact what is meant by ‘Modern…’  or ‘Moderate’…etc..

03.    What is meant by ‘Modern…’ ?  Our Answer; Mixing the Islamic ideas with secular-western Silly ideas. For example; Democracy is Islam or Islam is democracy, Accepting liberal democracy…, Promoting clerical leaderships….etc. In summary, Preaching Islam in one hand and on other hand promoting western thoughts (in the name of islam )...and so on.

Muslim Cleric MAM Mansoor's Information Fruad  (Conceal the correct-Pure information, & promoting weak thoughts)

Our Simple Question: Does Cleric Mansoor conceal correct Information about Islamic thinkers and pure Islamic revival of Muslim world to Sri Lankan Muslims?

M. R. Mohamed’s Answer; YES!, he does..! but I respect Cleric Mansoor’s basic initiatives in the Muslim community of Sri Lanka. Infact,  he conceals correct Islamic information, correct Islamic thinkers, Correct Islamic organization,  correct Islamic revivals.. etc. Further by introducing weak Islamic Thinkers & information, he makes the thoughts of Sri Lankan Muslim's dull! 
More will be uploaded in future>>>

Cleric Mansoor's Model Islamic State (Today's turkey) & Model Islamic Leaders (Prasident & PM) see below....
Turkey is partner of USA in many matters. 

5/see below video;

Middle East Taliban Muslim Cleric Yoosuf Qaradawi (Plus*) does not have any business or contribution in this below recent Pure Islamic upraising & revivals in Muslim world. (Cleric Qaradawi does not have any link or connection directly or indirectly in this below upraising)

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