Sunday, 29 July 2012

Big Beautiful Mosques without 'Correct Islamic Constitution'..? (Jungle Laws & Family Business)

Are we living in the ‘Dark age’..? if not, why don’t we have the correct Islamic constitution for a single mosque in entire Sri Lanka…? Over 100 & 100 years of Muslims’ history.

Do we have any open discussions or debates ‘for the constitutions matters…?’   Why…this ‘silly games’ in the house of Allah swt!, how many bayans for material interests (for pocket money and foods)..?, and how long…will it continue..? 

Why both Silly Muslim clerics and All Ceylon Muslim Clerics’ Association (ACMCA) are so fear in developing ‘Correct Islamic Constitution…?’, Is there any damages for their self interests (silly-family business) from this sincere works and the constitutional matters…?

Why so called ‘Islam labeled’ organizations deliberately have been ‘playing games’ in the ‘correct Islamic constitutional matters’… ?, for many 100 years…in Sri Lanka

How can, two/more people stay or live or engage in any Islamic activity without ‘correct Islamic constitution’ for 100 years..? Who is blind….? Where is the problem…? why do we promote ‘dark ages’ culture in the innocent Muslim community of Sir Lankan..? Why Muslim University Professionals are so blind in this matter while they live in the civilized world….? While Muslim Clerics play games in this matter & mosque ruling system in the name of Islam, how can Muslim University Professionals sleep at home? Dear graduates, ‘If you are not in the part of correct solution, than you are part of that problems…’

Do we have ‘A Chapter for women’s roles’ in the particular constitution,(ie. place to lead the pray themself-W4W, activities, education & personal development’ …?  and  a genuine Women trustee board (not back door entered) in the Sri Lankan mosque systems?

 Atleast do we have ‘correct accounting system’, correct election system, correct monitoring system… and concern and funds for Muslim school educational developments……etc?

Simple logic; Dear brother/sisters...‘If you are not in the part of correct solution, than you are part of that problems…’

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